Driving Traffic and Streamlining Insights for Ultimate Impact

Discover the newest Amazon Ads features that promise to elevate your advertising strategy. Sponsored Display now directs traffic to store pages, and Search term reports for Sponsored Brands come in bulk sheets for streamlined insights.

New feature driving traffic to store pages

Exploring the Latest Enhancement for Store Page Traffic

Sponsored Display is an advertising solution designed for all businesses, on and off Amazon. Powered by machine learning and multi-format creatives, it connects businesses with customers across the Amazon store and thousands of apps/websites.

Prior to the ability to drive traffic to Store pages, Sponsored Display worked primarily as a retargeting and prospecting tool for individual product listings. Overall, Sponsored Display offered value in retargeting and product discovery, but lacked flexibility for broader brand promotion and driving traffic to a central hub like a Store page. The ability to direct users to Store pages introduces a significant shift in Sponsored Display's capabilities.

Previous Limitations

Limited traffic destinations:

  • Users could only click through to individual product listings, not a broader brand storefront.

Less focus on brand storytelling:

  • Difficult to showcase multiple products or tell a cohesive brand story through individual product ads.

Limited measurement:

  • Metrics primarily focused on individual product performance, making it harder to evaluate overall brand impact.

New Opportunities

Showcase multiple products and brand offerings:

  • Drive traffic to a curated selection of products within a Store, providing a richer brand experience.

Tell a brand story:

  • Utilise Store branding elements and product categories to convey brand values and messaging more effectively.

Improve brand metrics:

  • Track Store-level engagement and conversion metrics, gaining insights into overall brand performance.

Drive higher order value:

  • Encourage shoppers to explore and purchase multiple products from a centralised location.

This new feature expands Sponsored Display's potential beyond individual product promotion, allowing advertisers to build brand awareness, drive traffic to a central hub, and potentially increase average order value.

Search term reports for SB now in bulksheets

Analyse & Edit Sponsored Brands Search Terms in Bulksheets

Amazon bulksheets are spreadsheet-based tools that let you manage your Sponsored Products and now Sponsored Brands campaigns in bulk, where you can update hundreds of keywords, bids, negatives, and more all at once.

Amazon recently announced that Sponsored Products search term report data was available in bulksheets. Now, they’ve expanded to support Sponsored Brands search term reports. This report includes much of the same information you would find in the advertising console report, including the customer search terms that were used to discover your ad - but in bulksheets, you will also have the entity IDs available, so you can quickly make adjustments if needed.

Benefits using bulksheets

Bulk edits:

  • Manage hundreds of keywords, products, bids, and other settings across campaigns simultaneously, saving vast amounts of time compared to individual adjustments.

Reduced errors:

  • Less clicking and manual edits minimizes the risk of human error when managing complex campaigns.

Data analysis:

  • Download campaign performance data into the spreadsheet for easier analysis and identification of trends and optimization opportunities.

Additional benefits with search term report for SB

Deeper insights:

  • Analyse search terms triggering your Sponsored Brands ads alongside entity IDs for quick campaign adjustments.

Improved targeting:

  • Identify relevant negatives and optimise keyword targeting based on actual search queries leading to ad impressions.

Data-driven decisions:

  • Base campaign adjustments on concrete data from customer search behaviour, not just clicks and conversions.

Isabel Madueno, Advertising Executive

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