Charges and Loss Recovery

What are Amazon chargebacks?

Chargebacks happen when a Vendor violates one of Amazon’s operational process requirements. They were implemented to reduce inefficiencies in the shipping process that causes Amazon to manually intervene which carries additional costs for Amazon that are then passed onto the Vendor.

These charges can come in many different forms however the most common types are Carton Information Compliance, ASN Accuracy, PO On-Time Accuracy, Prep Issues and No Show.

What are Amazon shortage fees?

Amazon will also charge Vendors for shortages. This is when Amazon claims that less units were sent than they purchased.

What happens with lost inventory on Amazon?

Seller charges can also occur when inventory is lost. In Seller is it vital to identify lost or damaged inventory and then navigate Amazon’s reimbursement policy and process.

How to recover disputed Amazon deductions?

There are occasions when the charges claimed by Amazon may be invalid and you can recover the fees. Reclaiming the fees involves an analysis of your account, with a deep dive audit and filing for payment disputes. This can be a lengthy detailed process, so we offer this a specialist service to clients.

No Win, No Fee

We offer a no-win no-fee service to help you recover deductions.

We provide a free audit on accounts and will give you an estimation on what we think we could recover and then we complete the process end to end. We charge 25% of whatever we recover as a fee, so if we don’t recover anything it doesn’t cost you anything.

Get in touch with us to arrange a free audit to start the process to reclaim Amazon chargebacks, shortage fees or lost inventory.

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