Hot off the Press - A+ Premium at no extra cost to Seller Central Sellers

Amazon has just announced that they are giving Amazon Seller Central Sellers the unique opportunity to create their own A+ Premium content, for absolutely no extra cost for an extended promotional period (time frame yet to be disclosed by Amazon). If your brand is eligible (see criteria below), you can choose from more interactive and shoppable modules than the standard A+ or Enhanced Branded Content, such as interactive hotspots, videos, image carousels and many more. Adding A+ Premium content to your listings can increase consumer education and brand awareness, as well as boosting your sales ‘by up to 20%’ (Amazon, 2022).

Previously, A+ Premium was a luxury that only those with access to approx. £250,000 per annum could afford; this is fantastic news for the brands for whom A+ Premium was previously unfeasible, but leaves those that have been paying the substantial fees rather disgruntled. We’re in the process of investigating how the brands that have A+ Premium incorporated into their contracts with Amazon receive suitable compensation or refunds for this now free offering.

How does A+ Premium differ from standard A+ Content?

The main benefits of A+ Premium are the newer and larger modules, such as video content, image carousels, and shoppable hotspots, delivering a more educational and interactive consumer experience. See the table below for the top-line differences between A+ Premium and standard A+ Content:

A+ Premium Content

A+ Content

16 interactive modules

12 basic modules

7 modules per page max.

5 modules per page max.

Video content

No video content

1,464px content width max.

970px content width max.

One of our favourite modules included with A+ Premium, is the ‘Premium Full Video’ feature. You can add HD quality (720p) video content (up to 3 mins long) to bring your product to life with video content, such as ‘how to guides’; ‘96% of consumers stated that they find product videos helpful when making purchases online’ (Junglescout, 2022).

Tambo worked closely with GHD on a global Amazon content optimisation project, including using the A+ Premium comparison charts to educate the consumer on the premium technology associated to the higher price point products, and the ‘Full Video’ module to showcase quick style guides using their stylers - see the full page:

Another A+ Premium module that provides huge educational value is the interactive ‘Premium Hotspots’ module. You can upload a designed 1,464px width image banner, then add key call outs to hero products, allowing consumers to view product benefits and find out more about compatible products or other ranges your brand has to offer.

Tambo worked closely with Lily’s Kitchen, producing wireframes and mockups for creative A+ Premium content, ensuring the use of the best modules available to engage the consumers, such as video content, image galleries, Q&A modules & the interactive ‘Premium Hotspots’ module - see the full page:

How to access A+ Premium

To take advantage of this unique opportunity for the extended promotional period (time frame yet to be disclosed by Amazon) you must meet the below eligibility requirements:

  1. Your Brand must be registered as a Brand Owner with Amazon Brand Registry and the ASINs you want to apply A+ Premium content to must be registered too

  2. All of the ASINs in your catalogue must contain published A+ Page Brand Story Module. Learn more about A+ Brand Story Module.

  3. You must have at least 15 standard A+ Content project submissions in ‘Approved’ status within the past 12 months

Note: Access to Premium A+ is granted at the end of each month. You will be notified if you meet the criteria and will not need to contact Amazon for access. If Amazon announces a fee for Premium A+ Content, you will be invited to opt in.

How can Tambo help you?
Our content team at Tambo has expertise and experience in curating best in class content on global marketplaces, such as Amazon. We have an array of clients that currently have their own A+ premium content in place. Our designers are on hand to produce state of the art content to make sure your brand stands out for all the right reasons.

Taking advantage of this new initiative is a must to drive the Amazon algorithm and improve your sales rank. We can help you on your journey to best in class content, whether you’re ready for us to create your A+ Premium straight away or need support from the beginning, in becoming eligible prior to creating A+ Premium. Make the most of this opportunity now to get on track for achieving your Q4 objectives. Find out more about our content processes and our case studies.

If this is of interest to you and your brand, please email or contact us today and we would be happy to discuss how we can support you.

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