Amazon’s A+ Content Brand Story Module

Amazon is constantly evolving. There are always new and improved branding opportunities offered to vendors and sellers, to enhance the user experience and encourage conversion. Amazon has updated their A+ Content Manager to include a Brand Story feature which offers you more module choices and better customisation opportunities.

How do I access the A+ Brand Story feature?

To have A+ Content your brand must be registered as a Brand Owner with Amazon Brand Registry and the ASINs you want to apply A+ content to must be registered too. Upon logging into your Amazon Account locate the A+ Content Manager (Under ‘Advertising’ tab for Seller or ‘Merchandising’ tab for Vendor); click the ‘Start creating A+ Content’ button. If you are eligible (Amazon is rolling this out so some brands don’t have the feature just yet) to create Brand Story content the Brand Story feature will be shown as an additional option alongside the ‘Enhanced Product Description’ section within the A+ Content Manager:

Where does the Amazon shopper see the A+ Brand Story feature?

On your product listing or product detail page, the A+ Brand Story feature will appear below the Product Title, Bullet Points, Images and Description as a scrollable carousel of brand cards just above the A+ Page content. Often the Brand Story feature will sit within the ‘From the Brand’ section, above the A+ Page within the ‘From the Manufacturer’ or ‘Product Description’ section.

Why should I have a Brand Story feature on my product detail page?

The Brand Story feature has many benefits, such as providing more real estate (up to 19 brand cards!) to showcase your branded content, further educate your consumer on the key ranges, USPs and brand mission or values, and providing an interactive shopping experience for your consumer. It provides another portal to your Brand Store, as well as cross-selling to other ASINs. It frees up a module within your other A+ Content that would usually have been filled with brand education. Amazon also recently announced that you are required to have Brand Story features across your whole catalogue to be eligible for A+ Premium content.

There are 5 types of modules within Brand Story:

1. The Brand hero image with logo: is a mandatory module where you need to add a background image/hero image. A simple on-brand background is recommended as there will be other modules e.g. Brand Cards placed in front of the background. You also have the option to add a headline text and body text.

2. The Brand Card About: module where you can add your brand logo and a short description about your brand. This is a great place to let shoppers know about your brand in just a few sentences, whether it’s your vision, mission, story, ethics, values, or something similar.

3. The Brand card four ASINs: is one of our favourite modules because it is a great opportunity to upsell/cross-sell. You can guide your consumer to your Brand Store as well as up to four hero ASINs.

4. The Brand Card Media Asset: is our most recommended module. It is the most visually engaging module because you can upload a fully customised image to capture your audience.

5. The Brand Card Questions: is essentially a Q&A feature where you can select from 3 pre-chosen questions or write your own question to then detail answers for. This module helps address commonly asked questions about your brand or products.

How can Tambo help you?

Our content team at Tambo has expertise and experience in curating best in class content on global marketplaces, such as Amazon. We have an array of clients that currently have their own A+ Brand Story Feature in place. Our designers are on hand to produce state of the art content to make sure your brand stands out for all the right reasons.

See below for a couple of examples of Brand Story features Tambo helped optimise:

You can find out more about our content processes HERE and our case studies HERE.

If this is of interest to you and your brand, please email or contact us today and we would be happy to discuss how we can support you.

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