Gen Z, The Future Shopper - Add to Cart Report 2021

Generation Z has grown to become one of the most influential age groups in recent years and is now the largest generation, making up 32% of the global population.

Defined as anyone born between 1997 and 2015, they have an estimated spending power of $150 billion in the US alone, making them an increasingly important target market for companies.

Champions of individuality, inclusivity, authenticity, and ethical living, it’s no secret that this generation think, act and buy differently from their predecessors.

That's why we wanted to dig a little deeper into their online shopping habits and conducted our own proprietary research with a statistically representative survey of Gen Z in the UK.

In doing so, we uncovered some of these future shoppers' e-commerce behaviours around trust, marketplaces, pricing and new habits. These findings fuelled our insights and helped us land on our six key takeaways for brands.

Download the report to read through our unique findings and our actionable recommendations for brands who want to capture a slice of Gen Z.

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