Launching the first-ever CBD drinks brand on Amazon.

A progressive and forward thinking brand, Medahuman's vision was to be the leading CBD drinks brand in the Health & Wellness category. Working hand-in-hand with the Medahuman team, we launched the the first-ever CBD drinks brand on Amazon and helped them navigate the highly regulated category of Cannabidiol (CBD) drinks on Amazon UK. What's more, we created best-in-class content that conveyed their premium edge, trustworthy credentials and wellness-first approach to CBD.

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What We Did.

  • SEO Copywriting

  • Produce optimised Images
  • Build optimised A+ Content
  • Build an optimised Brand Store

Our main goal when creating the content was to communicate the benefits associated with CBD and other complex ingredients, in a consumer friendly manner to avoid consumer confusion. We targeted the need-states of the consumer by using keywords relevant to the associated benefits of each drink, such as ‘Magnesium’ to promote relaxation and reduce restlessness.

The images and A+ content followed the individual colourway of each drink can, with clear infographics and call-outs to highlight the benefits of the product. The Brand Store provided a platform for those who want to further explore the science behind the benefits of CBD as well as the brand.

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