Breaking through the high-protein snack market.

As a brand that was entirely new to Amazon, ROAM needed a partner who could help them create on-brand retail-ready Amazon listings.

In order to do this we needed to breakthrough the crowded high-protein snack market by highlighting ROAM’s USPs. Namely, that their products are made from natural ingredients and that they offer a savoury alternative to the highly processed, sweet protein snacks currently dominating the market.

Roam paprika

What We Did

As a result, we created fully optimised SEO-rich content including:

  • Copy with relevant keywords
  • Images
  • A+ Content
  • Brand Store

Additionally, we needed to understand what customers were searching for in the high-protein and snack categories to highlight how ROAM could best meet their needs. The aim was to drive traffic to the listings based on relevancy and accuracy. To do this, we used both broad and close match keywords in the copy and backend keyword section.

Regarding imagery, we followed ROAM’s overall branding style focused on portraying a strong, real and powerful tone of voice. We utilised the brand's colour palette of earthy browns across all of the imagery to align with ROAM’s ethos of ‘Built From The Ground Up’, ensuring that the images, A+ content and Brand Store were all consistent and on-brand.

ROAM apricot 4
ROAM apricot 2
ROAM paprika 2
ROAM paprika 6
ROAM paprika 5
ROAM paprika 3
Final content team web image

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