Doubling new customer growth using AMC Gateway ASIN Insights

The Challenge

The customer had seen extremely strong sales growth of 199% over 12 months, though NTB% was still below 45%. The customer had successfully used retargeting and targeted activity across Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands in order to grow Subscribe & Save by +350% but now wanted to look at boosting new customer sales growth specifically.

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The Brief

The customer signed off a test budget asking Tambo to present a testing plan that would trial new activity to increase new customer sales overall, and NTB%. The target was to increase both paid new customer numbers and the NTB%.

The targets were based on the previous monthly averages for both NTB% and total paid new customers, which we were only able to determine by creating the New Customer 360 Dashboard using Amazon Marketing Cloud:

  • NTB% target: >44%

  • Total paid new customer monthly target: >3,500

Campaign Strategy


We introduced a new Customer 360 Dashboard using AMC to provide the following measurement & analysis:

  • Monthly NTB% across all targeting type, campaigns and ASINs
  • Total Monthly Paid New Customers across all targeting types, campaigns & ASINs.


Based on this data we uncovered the following insights:

  • DSP had the lowest NTB% vs all other targeting. This was due to it being used predominantly for retargeting at this stage.
  • Of the top 10 sales driving ASINs (paid sales only), 5 of them had a NTB% of >55% and 4 of them had a NTB% <40%.


Based on these insights we put a test plan together which proposed the following strategy:

  1. Refocus targeting around the top NTB% ASINS.
  2. Broaden DSP targeting beyond retargeting in order to reach prospective audiences in the category, who weren't yet familiar with the Brand.
  3. Upweight spends behind the high new customer acquisition activities

Campaign Results

  • Monthly new customer numbers were 72% up on pre campaign!

  • The last 3 month average NTB% has increased to 50.7% +6.7% pre campaign

  • The newly created DSP awareness campaign has become the 3rd best new customer sales driving campaign overall with a NTB% of 51%

  • Not only have new customers hit record sales but overall sales in July & August for the customer were also record months.



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