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Established in Germany in 1880, Wella has grown into a global powerhouse in hair colouring, styling and care. Trusted by salon professionals and consumers, Wella’s diverse range of high-quality hair care offers innovative formulas and outstanding results. Additionally, Wella is committed to sustainability, continuously striving to minimise its environmental impact through responsible sourcing, packaging, and manufacturing practices.

Wella Professionals

The challenge

In Spring 2023, we were tasked with overhauling Wella Professionals on Amazon, optimising content for Ultimate Repair, Fusion, ColorMotion+, Oil Reflections, Elements, Invigo Color Brilliance, Invigo and Nutri Enrich ranges.

Our solution

At Tambo, our approach to content optimisation is always holistic. Every strategy begins with a messaging hierarchy, a ‘story’, to inform and inspire shoppers, driven by research data. Our extensive research phase, encompassing the category trends and competitors, guided our creation of a robust messaging hierarchy.


Premium A+ content - with up to 16 interactive modules, video and expanded 1464px width - can increase conversion rates by up to 20%, as opposed to 7% by standard A+.

For a competitive, best-in-class Premium A+ our design team created two interactive swipeable carousels. The first show results on all different hair types to exhibit Wella’s inclusivity, with key callouts including ‘99% Less Breakage’ and ‘12x Smoother’. The second carousel provided a walk-through of the step-by-step routine, educating the shopper about the entire range and suggestions of use, a vital cross-sell opportunity.

The use of a premium 30-second ‘How to’ video showing the results and USPs of the product consolidates the shopper’s knowledge and trust of the brand.

With the use of technical hair care language, and close-up product texture imagery, Wella Professionals’ A+ appeals to salon professionals and those seeking salon-quality results at home.

Additional touches of informative roundels - vegan, dermatologically tested, no animal testing - reveal the values of Wella Professionals, validating the authenticity and ethics of the brand.

Brand Store

The brand store is a central hub for any brand’s presence on Amazon - the area to which Sponsored Ad clicks are ferried, and shoppers gain valuable insight into the variety of products and ranges a brand offers. For Wella and its broad range of products organised by customer need state, it was essential to get it right. By arranging the brand store by range, we revolutionised the navigation path for the shopper - making it easier to find their desired product and add it to their basket. Our additional touches of before-and-after images, and modifying visuals with more CTAs, made information accessible and removed barriers for shoppers.


As a category leader, only Amazon’s Premium Beauty format would do for Wella’s luxury hair care. This specialised format allows only approved beauty brands to showcase their products with customisable Descriptions, Key Features and Benefits paragraphs, differentiating them from lesser brands.

Crucially, a Premium Beauty format enhances the potential for conversion - a comprehensive overview of the product to highlight USPs allows shoppers to access detailed information and make a confident purchase.

Our content team created copy adhering to the restrictive character limits of the template embedded with SEO search terms, whilst also reading smoothly for shoppers. According to research, listings can enjoy a +34% potential conversion uplift from SEO-optimised copy using keywords.

The results

At the beginning of September 2023, we launched a fully optimised brand store, alongside A+ and copy - and saw a significant increase in glance views (+270%). This highlights our SEO optimisation's impact, which is a key driver in reaching far more relevant shoppers.


glance views

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Wella Brand Store2
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