Refreshing Twinings to stand out as a wellbeing tea brand

With over 300 years of tea-making expertise, Twinings has grown from a little tea room established at No.216 Strand, London, to a globally revered tea brand, celebrated for their quality blends and sustainable practices. Offering a wide range of teas including black, green, herbal, and specialty blends, Twinings is a venerated name of the British institution of tea-making.

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The Challenge

At the beginning of September 2023, we launched a fully optimised A+ premium, PDP images and copy for Twinings’ Superblends, and saw a +5.6% conversion uplift from October 22. In November, we launched Black Tea, with an impressive +8.2% conversion uptick.

We understood how important it was to convey new messaging that Twinings’ is the tea brand when it comes to harnessing the power and goodness of tea. We showcased how certain blends create the ideal wellness routine when consumed together throughout the day. There is a tea for every shopper to support their physical and mental wellbeing.

Additionally, we wanted to highlight Twinings’ commitment to sustainable and ethical production with their Ethical Tea Partnership and sourced with care credentials.

Lastly, flavour. With a vast selection of blends and infusions within the Superblends and Black Tea ranges, it was vital to highlight the unique identity of each flavoursome offering.

Our Solution


Twinings’ sophisticated yet warm brand identity guided our strategy as our design team began work on remodelling their existing imagery. After identifying under-utilised space in lifestyle visuals, we overlaid with choice copy and introduced key call-outs in roundels to convey the best of the brand as succinctly as possible.

Creating visualisations of the ingredients in every product bought each infusion alive for shoppers. We introduced an image dedicated to Twinings’ ‘Sourced with Care’ promise to spotlight a heritage of sustainability and ethical sourcing unique to Twinings.

With 80% of traffic on Amazon accessing the site via their mobile, our approach at Tambo is always mobile-first. That’s why we focused on adding copy overlay that was clear and easy to read for all shoppers, regardless of the size of their device screen.


Premium A+ content - with up to 16 interactive modules, video and expanded 1464px width - can increase conversion rates by up to 20%, as opposed to 7% by standard A+.

For a competitive, best-in-class Premium A+, our design team created two interactive swipeable modules. The first to highlight the USPs of the product against the others in the range - this created a vital point of cross-sell, educating the shopper about benefits, caffeine content and ingredients. The second swipeable module to educate about the craft, ‘Sourced with Care’ mission, and brewing recommendations - this consolidates the shopper’s knowledge and trust of the brand.

With the use of emotive language - and Twinings’ stylish and artful imagery - the premium A+ became not only more educational but an opportunity to engage emotionally with the brand.

For the Black Tea range, we also added a premium video to showcase Twinings’ 2023 Great Taste award in a more engaging medium than static imagery.


Alongside our design optimisation, our content team refreshed the title, bullet points and descriptions with embedded SEO search terms per our best-in-class practices. When reworking the messaging hierarchy, we included more ingredients which augmented the SEO value of each listing.

To find focus in each product, we built our copy from the customer needstate and embedded the copy with as many SEO keywords surrounding that need, whether that be detox, focusing or sleep. Additionally, we introduced a cross-sell opportunity in each listing, inviting the shopper to explore the rest of the range.

Following our established messaging hierarchy, we were able to craft efficient copy which indexed highly searched keywords as frequently as possible, whilst also reading smoothly for shoppers.

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