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Fourfive was founded by professional rugby players George Kruis & Dom Day, after both suffering from a string of sports injuries, and discovering the power of CBD in their recovery.

At fourfive, the mission is simple – help people lead healthier, happier lives through the power of CBD and Vitamin supplements – with only the highest quality plant extracts and ingredients. Fourfive’s premium blends are designed by world class scientists to fit seamlessly into their consumers’ daily routine, whether it’s taking CBD oil, capsules or vitamins.

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The Challenge

In June 2023, we launched a fully optimised brand store, alongside A+, PDP images and copy, which, in July saw a 133% MoM increase in glance views and 92% sales units increase MoM. This highlights the impact of our SEO optimisation, acting as a key driver in reaching more relevant shoppers.

Our Solution

At Tambo, our approach to content optimisation is always holistic. Every strategy begins with a messaging hierarchy, a ‘story’, to inform and inspire shoppers, driven by research data. Our extensive research phase, encompassing the category trends and competitors, guided our creation of a robust messaging hierarchy.

We identified the importance of educating consumers about the usage and benefits of CBD in everyday health and wellness.


After identifying the lack of lifestyle images and educational information, we made sure to include some lifestyle visuals and overlaid with choice copy, introducing key call-outs, to ensure each product image conveyed new information to the shopper.

With 80% of traffic on Amazon accessing the site via their mobile, our approach at Tambo is always mobile-first. That’s why we focused on adding copy overlay that was clear and easy to read for all shoppers, regardless of the size of their device screen.


A+ content can increase conversion rates by up to 7%. Without A+ content means lack of opportunity to educate more on the product, brand, and upsell alongside PDP images.

To ensure fourfive was not missing out with this feature and for a competitive, best-in-class A+, our design team created an optimised A+ with four educational modules and a comparison chart. With the use of emotive language, lifestyle imagery, close-up product imagery, icons/badges, comparison chart, fourfive’s A+ became not only more educational and engaging, it enhanced the credibility of the brand.

Crucially, we introduced a brand story. This additional space in the A+ allowed us to showcase bestsellers to the shopper, summarise fourfive’s mission statement, and include additional imagery. At the head of the A+, this stylish introduction with the opportunity to add interactive modules allows the shopper to click directly through to the brand store, and explore specific product display pages.


Alongside our design optimisation, our content team refreshed the title, bullet points and descriptions with embedded SEO search terms per our best-in-class practices. Our research data revealed customer queries and desires, including ‘CBD’ and ‘Sleep’ which informed the substance of the copy.

By discerning trending ingredients with large search volumes, such as ‘Vitamin’, and shouting out ‘vegan’ in product titles, we were able to capitalise on vital space too.

Following our established messaging hierarchy, we were able to craft efficient copy which indexed highly searched keywords as frequently as possible, whilst also reading smoothly for shoppers.

Brand Store

The brand store provides a crucial point in the shopper experience - a chance to explore, engage and convert - the most essential element of any brand’s presence on Amazon. By organising the brand store by range, we revolutionised the navigation path for the shopper - making it easier to find their desired product and add it to their basket. We’ve modified visuals with more CTAs made information accessible and removed barriers for shoppers.

The results

After the optimised brand store went live, we reviewed the performance after 3 months and saw a 15% increase in conversion.


increase in conversion

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