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Amazon Vendor Background

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is a leader in one of the largest FMCG sectors in Europe’s most significant markets. They offer consumers some of the world’s leading brands and a wide choice of high-quality drinks, with or without sugar and calories.

The Amazon Challenge

Coca-Cola European Partners sell a broad portfolio of brands on Amazon ranging from fizzy drinks to fizzy water. CCEP are pioneers in retailing and leaders in brand innovation.  

To stay ahead of the game, they wanted to understand the structure and dynamics of the soft drinks category and find out how their brands stacked up against the best in class performers.

In November 2018 Coca-Cola engaged Amazon experts Tambo to fulfil a comprehensive review of their brands, market & competitor activity and construct a Performance Report including recommendations to increase awareness and improve sales.

The Amazon Strategic Consultation Journey

1. Audit & Analysis

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Our process began with a comprehensive study of soft drinks within the grocery category on Amazon, including market size and structure, category dynamics, key trends and major players. We analysed and compared to key competition and category benchmarks across performance measures: Listing quality, Discoverability, Advertising, Page Content, Brand Building, Monitoring & Management, Customer Experience and Merchandising.

2. Recommend & Focus

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From this wealth of information, we created a Scorecard of performance against key competitors and Best in Class (BIC). The Scorecard graded Coca-Cola’s performance on key measures, so they could visually see their strengths and weaknesses.

All findings were delivered in an actionable Performance Report with a prioritised plan to improve sales and raise brand profile on Amazon.

3. Implement & Manage

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We put together an Amazon marketing and advertising strategy with actions prioritised according to their contribution to sales and impact on brand awareness.

Our recommendations included:

•       Create new page variations to make it easier for customers to shop the range

•       Improve merchandising activities to drive higher ROI

•       Revise the product catalogue across Prime Now, Pantry and Core

•       Terminate unprofitable advertising campaigns

•       Introduce new formats into the media e.g. Sponsored Products, Product Display

Client Feedback

‘Tambo undertook a comprehensive performance review of CCEP brands (including Coca-Cola, Monster, Schweppes and Smartwater) on amazon.co.uk, we now have a clear understanding of how our brands are performing in the category and against our competitions, they also provided us with key recommendations to improve performance which we have begun implementing and also a better indication as to how we spend our budget.’
— Pippa Collins, Digital and E-Commerce National Account Manager at Coca-Cola European Partners

Tambo’s Amazon Advertising Expertise Delivers Results

Following the conclusion of the Performance Report, Tambo was appointed to run AMS Advertising for CCEP during their busy Q4 period 2018.

Previously, spend had predominantly been used to defend key brands against competition. We took a more aggressive acquisition approach by adding generic and competitor keywords to the mix.

Consequently, we created over 15 new campaigns across multiple categories to drive sales through the holiday season. Each campaign was optimised twice a week to adjust bids, revise keywords and change bidding.

Our Amazon Advertising expertise proved the value of AMS spend to CCEP. Strategic consultation resulted in re-allocate funds from merchandising budgets and enabled CCEP to reduce cost of sale by 12% , which was 5% better than the category average.

The key drivers of the improvement in results were:

•       Re-set advertising plan based on objectives

•       Twice weekly optimisation

•       Updated landing pages to show correct products related to messaging

•       Terminated unprofitable advertising campaigns

•       Extended the number of campaigns to build keyword pool

•       Introduced new formats: Sponsored Products, Product Display

‘The advertising campaign that Tambo ran for us in Q4 2018 provided us with an understanding of the potential of Amazon advertising to drive sales and the appeal of our brands to Amazon customers. We were pleased that within a short period of time, and with a small budget, how Tambo managed to improve our advertising performance, whilst testing out different strategies and tactics. The team were brilliantly agile with our requests and also challenged our thinking to ensure we always had a focused objective to achieve against, this provided us with some great insight from the results’
— Pippa Collins, Digital and E-Commerce National Account Manager at Coca-Cola European Partners

About Coca-Cola European Partners

Coca-Cola European Partners is the world’s largest independent Coca-Cola bottler. CCEP GB makes, sells and distributes soft drinks for every occasion and we sell more than four billion bottles and cans every year. We make 97 per cent of our products in GB - a fact we are proud to put on our cans and bottles.

About Tambo

Tambo is an Amazon business consultant helping brands grow on marketplaces. By combining technology and talent our Marketplace Services Platform helps brands and retailers grow their sales on Amazon, whether they are starting out, looking to expand or simply optimising their current listing to drive performance.