The Power of 360 Degree Imagery

Amazon continually provides new ways for sellers to showcase products in their listings. If you don’t know already, Amazon introduced a 360 degree view option on their product listings back in 2018. This offers sellers the ability to upload 360 degree product photographs within certain categories. This revolutionary technique helps shoppers get one step closer to an ‘in-store’ shopping experience. The unique view of the product becomes akin to shopping in-store, whereby you can pick the product up and inspect it fully at all angles. The categories that are currently eligible include:

  • Home & Kitchen

  • Home Improvement Appliances

  • Furniture

  • Lawn & Garden

  • Lighting & Fixtures

  • Kitchen

  • Sports & Outdoors

  • Toys

  • Cameras

  • Automotive Products

  • Pets

  • Baby

The user experience is enhanced with 360 degree imagery - the shopping becomes more interactive as they use their mouse or finger to rotate the product and gain full visibility of the product details, therefore instilling more confidence when purchasing. Furthermore, the improved product visibility reduces the likelihood of a customer return or a negative customer review. With over 80% of all online shoppers beginning their journey on mobile (Statista, 2021), intuitive and interactive experiences make for a positive experience. A great shopping experience can lead to an increase in sales and drive conversion, not to mention promoting brand loyalty. Adding 360 degree images to your listing can boost your conversion rate by up to 8-10% (Amazon, 2019).

Whilst this feature has been slow to take-off, we believe it will soon be the standard and brands that use this feature will reap the benefits. Many brands simply lack the resource or capability in-house to produce and upload the imagery, but our content experts at Tambo would be delighted to assist you in taking advantage of this unique offering to boost your product listings.

Vicky Molter, Content Lead

Newsletter 18th Dec22 3