Tambo Tips: Optimising Amazon Product Listings for Prime Day

This year’s Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner - it will take place between July 12th and 13th, a 48 hour exclusive shopping event full of deals and discounts for Amazon members.

In 2021, sales during the event reached a new record high, amounting to 11.2 billion U.S. dollars, 65 percent of which came from the United States alone.

Why should you get involved?

Prime Day not only will attract your existing customers but also new customers. Customers will be browsing around to search for best deals and products that stand out to them. This is a great opportunity to create bundles/multipack deals to move stock quicker, especially stock that aren’t selling as well.

Apart from boosting sales for your business, it can bring awareness to your brand and products. Therefore good content is extremely important. An optimised Amazon product listing is key to your Amazon Prime Day marketing strategy, it helps to increase your chances of appearing in the top results.

Here’s our tips:

1. Have a clear product title, bullet points and description.

The title should follow a clear and appropriate format e.g. Brand, Product, Product Use, Pack Size, as well as including high-searched keywords. The same goes for bullet points and description, the more high-searched keywords are used, the higher chance your product will appear in top search results.

2. Use high quality and eye-catching imageries on your product detail page and A+ page

  • All imagery must be high-resolution & premium
  • Use 6 images slots
  • Main image should only show the product against a white background, with the product filling the image frame
  • Lifestyle imageries and different angle of the product is recommended
  • Showcase your product features and call out USPs - educate your customers on product
  • Includes a comparison chart and use the Brand Story feature, a good way to upsell and provide more information about the brand.

3. Include a video

By adding a short informative video, it brings your product to life. It allows the customer to have additional insight and visualisation of your product that text and static images can’t achieve on their own. 96% of consumers stated that they find product videos helpful when making purchases online.

4. Optimise Brand Store

Having your own branded online store on Amazon allows you to showcase a collection of your products. It helps you organise all your products in one place and gives a seamless shopping experience to your customers.

5. Make sure to optimise your mobile listing for mobile

With nearly 70% of traffic being made via mobile devices during seasonal events such as Prime Day, it is important to optimise your Amazon listing for mobile too.

Using 360-degree imagery is a good way to enhance the mobile experience. It allows customers to interact with the product online and view products from all different angles as they would when shopping in person.

Instead of scrolling through multiple images in the image carousel, customers can now move a product with their thumb in multiple directions. It gives customers the confidence to purchase

It’s not too late now to optimise your Amazon product listings if you want to stand out from the crowd. It’s the main form of interaction customers have with your business on the platform. Customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that has good content, as it captures their attention and interest.

Kinnie Wing Nam Ho, Tambo Content Executive

Content is King