Tambo Talks - AMC Suite Revealed! 

Just over a week ago, we had an absolute blast at the Tambo Talks event!

It was like diving into a whirlwind of excitement, exploring the world of Prime Video Ads & AMC together. And guess what? The event was a total hit! Our gathering was so popular that we actually sold out a few days before it even started. How amazing is that? We had industry leaders, clients, partners, Amazon associates, and all sorts of awesome brands who were super eager about AMC. It was truly a packed house of energy and enthusiasm!

One of the absolute highlights of the event? That moment we pulled back the curtain on our latest gem, the Tambo Compass AMC suite! It was like magic watching everyone's eyes light up as they got a hands-on feel for its innovative features. People were absolutely buzzing, eager to see just how Tambo Compass and AMC could supercharge their Amazon accounts. It was a real crowd-pleaser, that's for sure!

The interest in the hands-on keyboard sessions with Tambo Compass was through the roof! We had to act fast and get creative. That's why we decided to extend the hands-on keyboard session online. And guess what? The team is still conducting demos with attendees for the next 2 weeks to ensure everyone gets a chance to experience it firsthand.

We've been over the moon with all the feedback we've received from attendees! It's been like getting a big hug of insights.

Here are some of the key takeaways we've gathered:

  • AMC Adoption Challenges: Many shared their struggles in fully harnessing the potential of AMC instances, highlighting a need for deeper insights and understanding.

  • Audience Activation and Targeting: There was significant interest in refining strategies for audience activation and precise targeting within AMC and DSP.

  • Data Privacy Concerns: Attendees expressed concerns regarding data privacy, particularly in integrating first-party data into AMC, sparking important discussions on safeguarding data integrity.

  • Social Media Data Integration: Integrating social media data for comprehensive attribution analysis emerged as a topic of curiosity, with attendees eager to explore effective methodologies for gaining insights.

  • Optimising Incremental Reach: Particularly with Prime Video Ads in focus, attendees were keen on exploring strategies for measuring and optimizing incremental reach, emphasizing the importance of expanding audience engagement effectively.

These discussions really lit up the room, showing just how much passion everyone has for pushing the envelope in Prime Video Ads & AMC. It's awesome to see that hunger for innovation and growth among all of us! And you know what? The incredible response we've had just confirms that we're rocking it as leaders in the AMC scene. It's got us even more pumped up for what's coming next!

Looking ahead, we're already buzzing about what's next. Save the date for Shoptalk in Barcelona, from June 3rd to 5th, where Tambo Compass will be proudly sponsoring the event! Jake Hewlett and Amir Elam will be there, along with our Barcelona team. If you are around we'd love to catch up with you, so don't hesitate to reach out!

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