Tambo hires CPTO Dan Read and Tech Lead Hans Kohls

The Global Marketplace Platform, Tambo, has announced two senior Tech Hires: Daniel Read, Co-Founder of Tambo's Technology Platform and Chief Product & Technology Officer; and Hans Kohls, Technology Lead.

Daniel brings deep experience of product development and technical operation skills from roles as Group CPO at JustEat, CPO at Ask.com and IAC, and as founder of impact investing at Freeform.

Daniel will be driving the build-out of a world class technology team and product at Tambo, the first hire of which is Hans Kohls, former technology leader at query click, Indicia and LBi.

Hans says “I've made it my mission to help companies optimise performance by creating unified and groundbreaking ways to use their data. I'm excited to continue on this path with the visionary team here at Tambo and in the constantly changing marketplace environment.”

Hans started his professional career in 2001 working on performance optimisation tools initially in the transport sector. Moving to the UK in 2004, he continued on this path initially as Consultant and later as Head of Product Delivery and Support for Tracsis plc, a spin off from the University of Leeds.

In 2011 Hans moved to the marketing sector where he led the work on a number of reporting and data streaming solutions at LBI, as well as websites at Indicia. Prior to joining Tambo, Hans led the data science team in a collaboration project between QueryClick and the University of Edinburgh, working on innovative algorithms marketing attribution solutions based on user engagement and activity. At Tambo, Hans is responsible for the development and operation of our software tools.

As the CPTO of Tambo's Technology Daniel adds, “These are hugely exciting times for Tambo as we double-down on technology solutions for our clients and build out the team, leveraging explosive growth in e-commerce in the last 2 years”.