Showcasing Your Amazon Brand's Sustainability

In today's environmentally-conscious landscape, consumers are increasingly seeking products that align with their values. Sustainability has emerged as a growing factor that influences consumers purchasing decisions. 88% of consumers are more loyal to companies that support social or environmental causes (Cone Communications CSR Study, 2017) and 66% of global respondents are willing to pay more for sustainable products (Nielsen's Global Survey on CSR, 2014).

As one of the largest eCommerce platforms, Amazon provides brands with a powerful opportunity to showcase their commitment to sustainability. Integrating sustainability into your brand's presence on Amazon not only resonates with conscientious consumers but can also contribute to long-term success and positive brand perception.

Here are Tambo’s top tips for showcasing your sustainability credentials on Amazon:

  1. Copy Optimisation:

    76% of shoppers use keyword search when looking for a product. Consequently, it’s important to optimise product titles, bullet points and descriptions with sustainability-focused keywords, such as; eco-friendly, organic, vegan and plastic-free. Keep your copy concise as shoppers tend to scan text, not read.
  2. Product Display Page Images:

    It’s essential to showcase sustainability through your images to engage and educate the consumer. PDP images are the first information shoppers see when looking at your product (along with the title). Utilise engaging visuals and infographics to convey your brand's commitment to sustainability. Additionally, use comparison images to competitors, ‘Us V Them’, to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  3. A+ Content:

    Within the A+ content, the comparison chart module allows you to clearly highlight all the environmental benefits of your products, such as reduced carbon footprint or water usage. It’s a quick and easy way for customers to identify products with sustainable attributes. Additionally, incorporate positive customer reviews mentioning your brand's sustainability efforts. This not only reinforces your sustainability claims but also encourages potential customers to make a conscious choice.
  4. Brand Story:

    This relatively new feature on Amazon is another great place to educate customers on your brand's ethos and values, whilst including interactive modules that link to your brand store and also specific product display pages.
  5. Brand Store:

    Elevate the shopping experience and improve shopper engagement with a curated destination to shop your entire brand. The brand store allows you to replicate your own-brand website on Amazon. Include a dedicated page that’s focused on your mission and values as a brand. Let customers get to know your brand and make it easy for them to align with your ethos. This helps build loyalty and trust.
  6. Climate-Friendly Pledge Badge:

    Amazon offers a "Climate Pledge Friendly" badge on products that have been certified under certain sustainability programs and meet specific environmental criteria. This badge helps customers identify products that have a lower carbon footprint and are more sustainable. Reach out to the Tambo Team on how to become eligible for the Climate Pledge Friendly badge.


Demonstrating sustainability credentials on Amazon is a win-win. As sustainability becomes an increasingly important aspect of consumers purchasing decisions, showcasing your brand's commitment to the environment helps differentiate your products and resonate with conscious shoppers. Optimise your product listings, incorporate compelling visuals and utilise storytelling to create a strong brand identity that’s focused on sustainability.

Bethany Fisher, Senior Content Executive

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