Roses are red, violets are blue - Seasonal Optimisation is here for you!

Did you know that in the month leading up to Valentine’s Day, ‘gifts for men’ was searched 37,315 times on Amazon? And ‘gifts for women’ clocked up a whopping 58,890 searches?

Don’t get left broken-hearted by faltering sales, follow our top tips to get shoppers falling head over heels for your brand whether it’s Valentine’s, Mother’s Day or Christmas.

What’s the point of seasonal SEO?

Is it love that’s drawing potential shoppers to your listing? No, it’s relevant SEO keywords! The importance of high-ranking search terms is undeniable - but adopting a seasonal approach in your content strategy can take it to the next level. Keep relevant to stay visible and competitive all year round.

Here’s where you need to update

1. Titles. It’s the first thing your shopper reads and is given the greatest weighting by Amazon when it comes to rankings. Make every character count.

2. Utilise the backend keywords to include words which are invisible to the shopper, such as similar products or items brought together, or popular/specific phrases which are too clunky to fit your main copy i.e. ‘gifts for boyfriend’, ‘funny gifts for men’.

3. Use the bullet points to shout out what a meaningful gift your product would make, and use the product description to elaborate and build a cache of more keywords.


You may already be bidding on important seasonal keywords with ad campaigns - but if you’re bidding on words which aren’t within your content, Amazon will attribute your listings with less relevancy, making it more difficult to serve your ads. This reduction in visibility will harm your conversion.


And remember, consistency is key. Keep a holistic message running throughout your content by tweaking roundels and revamping the gifting page in your brand store. Don’t already have a page dedicated to gifting in your brand store? This is your sign.

Ready to fall in love with seasonal SEO?

Tambo offers a comprehensive SEO optimisation package to keep your content agile and responsive to the changing seasons. Our extensive keyword research includes brand, competitor, organic, seasonal and trending data, carried out quarterly.

If in doubt, remember the age-old rhyme:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

If you don’t update your keywords,

They won’t keep working for you </3

Neve York, Content Executive