New Complementary Product Sets Feature

Amazon, the ever-evolving marketplace, never fails to surprise its sellers with innovative tools to enhance their businesses. The latest addition is the Complementary Product Sets feature, designed to revolutionise the way products are recommended to customers.

What is it?

Complementary Product Sets is a new module within Amazon's A+ Content portfolio, aimed at empowering sellers to showcase bundles and product sets that complement each other seamlessly. This feature enables sellers to select two or more products from their catalogue that work well together and feature them on product pages. It’s very similar to creating a bundle deal, but without the necessity for discounts; the pricing is automatically pulled in from ASIN. This presents a golden opportunity for sellers to cross-sell their products and increase their average order value (AOV).

Why use Complementary Product Sets?

  1. Control Over Recommendations: Unlike traditional recommendations, where products are selected by Amazon's algorithm, Complementary Product Sets allow sellers to have full control over which products are showcased. This eliminates the risk of competitors' products being displayed and ensures that sellers maximise their revenue potential.

  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: By showcasing products that complement each other, sellers can enhance the shopping experience for customers. Customers appreciate convenience, and by presenting them with complementary products, sellers make it easier for them to find everything they need in one place.

  3. Increased Revenue: By strategically showcasing complementary products, sellers can increase their chances of upselling and boosting their revenue.

How to Trial the New Feature?

Currently, the Complementary Product Sets feature is still in trial period and only available to select businesses. Despite the lack of an official announcement from Amazon, it’s an exciting prospect for sellers looking to elevate their product offerings.

Kinnie Wing Nam Ho, Senior Content Executive

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