'Inspire' Launched on Amazon in the US

The feature allows consumers to explore products and ideas and shop from content created by influencers, brands, and other customers. The feature is aimed at drawing consumers' attention away from apps like TikTok and Instagram to drive sales on Amazon.com.

In the Amazon App itself, you're going to see a little light bulb icon at the bottom which is going to allow a swipeable feed to come up of creators content and brands where you can shop directly.

It is slightly different from TikTok as they even allow you to break down what you're looking to shop.

In the example they have on their website, if you're looking for camping gear you can just start searching through all the different videos of camping gear and examples of how the gear is being used, which I think is really smart and reminds me of the online shopping of live stream that really happens a lot in Asia.

I think the two are coming together live stream marketing and TikTok match together on the biggest site in the world for selling products online which I believe is going to be an innovative change and a huge competitor to TikTok.

The platform is very intuitive as creators can tag and quickly review what they really like. I think this opens a significant new way for creators to make money with the affiliate program where they can start making their TikTok and short-form content on Amazon and start selling with paid advertisements that they make themselves.

At the moment this is a new feature rolled out just to people in the US since early December and then over the next couple of months, it's going to be rolled out for the rest of the world.

We believe Amazon Inspire feed is going to be a new creative way for consumers to shop and could totally blow TikTok and Instagram out of the water on a more natural way for consumers to look through the videos and actually buy products in a quicker faction than what they have right now on TikTok and Instagram.

Amir Elam, Associate Director

Newsletter 18th Dec22