How AMC can be your competitive advantage this July Prime Day

July Prime Day last year was the top performing event. The scale & depth of deal participation was incredibly strong, driving huge shopper demand with many of our client base enjoying excellent YOY performance.

The good news? We expect to see strong deals and good demand once again.

The bad news? The bar is now set even higher, so driving comparable YOY results will no doubt be tougher.

AMC can be a major help here. In particular, it enables brands to pin point the right budget allocation across the Lead Up, Peak & Lead out periods. With AMC now providing 12.5 months worth of backdated data, any brand, even if you don't even have an instance created today, can get this insight. An example of how we run this in Tambo Compass below.

Prime Day graph 1

Beyond budget allocation, AMC can be used to build specific audiences that should perform well during Prime Day. Some examples as follows:

  1. Discount shoppers. Many shoppers buy specifically during deal events. We can build a segment of your event-only shoppers and you can upweight DSP budgets for them in the lead up.
  2. High AOV shoppers. During prime, AOV can increase as shoppers end up buying more products to take advantage of the larger overall discount. Using AMC we can create an audience segment for your highest AOV shoppers specifically.
  3. Retargeting Add to Cart/Wish List: With browsing behaviour accelerated during prime day, many come onto Amazon, add various products to wish list or carts, but then get distracted or run out of time. Only with AMC can you create an retargeting audience around this behaviour. It performs 2-4x better than standard retargeting!

There's a load more both from an insight & audience perspective that AMC can unlock for you this Prime Day.

Get in touch if you'd like to make use of it.

Jake Hewlett, Managing Director

Prime day prep