Gifting is for all your Christmases

The global gifting market is worth £46bn and set to rise to £50.4bn by 2024*. Consumers are searching for gifting on Amazon and Google for at least 0.5m times every month. A UK consumer is spending on average £950 per year, more than anyone else in the world - we are generous bunch!

With Q4 2022 set to be the most competitive sales period for many years, a smart approach to gifting could make the difference between you hitting or missing targets. Demand is set to be through the roof, as consumers search out the best deals to save money.

Despite the demand, most businesses don’t have a gifting strategy and are not optimising their existing catalogue to reach this audience. Gifting is treated as a Christmas-only activity which means most FMCG brands miss out on all the gifting moments throughout the year.

It's never too late to get a targeted gifting strategy ready!

Tambo advises clients on their gifting strategy and helps them develop a portfolio tailored for ecommerce. In addition, we can provide support on the optimisation of your listing to attract the gifting customer.

Hopefully, we can convince you that gifting is not just for Christmas and you need an evergreen solution. If you want to discuss your gifting opportunity and get some initial advice on how we can optimise your current catalogue, get in touch.

*Source: Technavio industry analysis 2022

Paul Adams, Tambo CEO

Tambo Gifting Strategy