eBay's Offsite Ads Solution

eBay’s Offsite Ads solution is still relatively new, empowering sellers to effortlessly promote their eligible inventory across external platforms like Google. Through this tool, eBay facilitates connections with a broader, ready-to-purchase audience outside of its marketplace.

Moreover, eBay Offsite Ads employ a dynamic cost-per-click model, automatically adjusting for each listing daily. Consequently, your chosen daily budget dictates your monthly charges for ad clicks. These ads can be utilized for any eligible fixed priced listings, with eligibility contingent upon the policies and requirements of the external channel.

Distinguishing Google Shopping campaigns from eBay Offsite Ads and exploring the benefits of running them simultaneously:

eBay Offsite Ads are designed to complement Google’s suite of products, providing sellers with flexibility to integrate them into their advertising strategies without replacing one with the other. It’s imperative to incorporate this tool into a comprehensive advertising strategy for optimal outcomes, encouraging sellers to experiment with multiple channels to identify the most effective approach.

It’s important to note that Google Shopping Ads via Promoted Listings operate separately from Offsite Ads placements, constituting distinct campaigns. When sellers create an eBay Offsite Ads campaign, their listings exclusively appear on external channels through that campaign, precluding their appearance via Promoted Listings Standard campaigns. To utilise eBay Promoted Listings Standard externally, listings are opted in and bid on automatically without seller input.

However, with eBay Offsite Ads, sellers pay the exact cost per click selected in the campaign whenever a buyer clicks on an ad, providing them with greater control over their external reach and investment. Beta testers of Offsite Ads have reported promising sales results, particularly in attracting new buyers, expanding sellers’ reach beyond existing eBay shoppers.

eBay is clearly intensifying its investment in advertising capabilities for sellers, first with the introduction of the CPC model and now with investments in Offsite Ads to drive external traffic to the marketplace. While eBay may be in its early stages compared to industry giants like Amazon, Meta, and Google regarding ad complexity and capabilities, we eagerly anticipate embracing the full potential of their advertising capabilities, ensuring alignment with product and format requirements.

Amir Elam, Head of Sales

Ebay offsite ads