eBay's 2023 Holiday Guide Overview

eBay's 2023 Holiday Guide reveals a remarkable opportunity for brands and sellers to tap into the vast potential of eBay as an advertising platform during the holiday season. The guide emphasises that eBay boasts a massive user base, making it an underutilised powerhouse for advertising.

The data presented in the guide highlights that online marketplaces play a pivotal role in the holiday shopping journeys of U.S. consumers, with a staggering 71% stating that they initiate their holiday shopping on these platforms. Even more striking is eBay's recognition as one of the top three destinations for holiday shopping and great deals. This distinction positions eBay uniquely, as it serves as the starting point for many holiday shoppers, drawing a wealth of consumers who specifically choose eBay as their holiday shopping hub.

This information underscores the immense potential that eBay offers to advertisers. With the majority of holiday shoppers commencing their search on eBay, brands can effectively target and engage with a ready and willing audience. The guide further stresses the importance of well-targeted and measured advertising campaigns, as survey data reveals that a significant portion of shoppers, especially millennials, are highly influenced by ads during the holiday season.

In addition to this, understanding consumer search trends for top shopping categories from previous years can be invaluable for sellers. For instance, it highlights that items like decor may see an uptick in interest as early as October, while widely available products, like video games, are often purchased later in the season. Sellers can leverage this knowledge to optimise their advertising strategies.

Moreover, eBay's data demonstrates that consumers tend to spend more than expected on holiday gifts and decorations. However, they still prioritise good value for money. This insight underscores the importance of being competitive with pricing and strategically boosting visibility through advertising campaigns to maximise the value of ad spend.

In conclusion, we believe eBay offers a prime opportunity for advertisers with its massive user base, and well-crafted campaigns can yield excellent results during the holiday season. This represents one of the hidden gems in accessing a well-targeted audience at a relatively low cost in terms of advertising.

Amir Elam, Head of Sales

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