Amazon's Spring Sale Results

Two weeks have passed since Amazon’s Big Spring Sale, which ran from March 20th to 25th. Usually, Amazon provides a high-level summary of its Prime Day results, but it has yet to release any details on the Big Spring Sale.

But what have we observed with our clients so far?

Given the current focus on profitability, we had to be especially cautious in selecting products for the Big Spring Sale Event this year. Fortunately, advanced technologies like Tambo Compass 360 assisted us in concentrating only on products that were both interesting and profitable for the brand.

And what about the impacts?

In the Health and Beauty category, one of our clients experienced a 65% increase in shipped units during the Spring Sales event compared to the previous six days leading up to the promotion. In the days following the event, there was also a sustained increase of 20% compared to the pre-sale period. Activity in the category was heightened, with listings enrolled in the promotion seeing a 95% increase in traffic. This upward trend continued into the following week, with listings seeing a 55% increase over the prior week. Notably, the first day of the event saw a decline in sales, likely due to shoppers browsing available deals. However, the following days, particularly Thursday and the final day, saw the largest spikes throughout the six-day event.

Taking another example in the grocery category, for one of our clients, we ran a 15% discount on top deals across three SKUs, resulting in an average unit uplift of 70% compared to the previous week. For one product, we observed an increase in ranking in the subcategory from an average of #20 over the past three months to #8 during the promotion, currently trending at #11 post-promotion. This promotion helped advance the product's ranking by 9 spots overall. Additionally, we witnessed a 170% increase in traffic week over week, with a conversion rate averaging 25% across the enrolled SKUs. While traffic decreased by 49% in the week following the promotion, it remained 37% higher than the pre-promotion week.

Overall, we are seeing a sustained increase in traffic across the portfolio following the promotion period, which has supported the brands in gaining important positions in rankings.

In terms of advertising, here is what we found:

  • Brands investing more in advertising during the event have generally seen significant growth, with some boasting a whopping +100% increase in sales compared to last year.
  • The surge in impressions by 25% over the previous week indicates strong consumer interest and engagement during this event, similarly to previous years.
  • CPCs have seen a modest 5% rise overall, suggesting a stable advertising environment that's friendly to advertisers' budgets. However, the Beauty segment, particularly in Haircare and Skincare, is witnessing intensified competition, leading to a noteworthy 20% increase in CPC week over week.

Overall, while the Spring Sale hasn't quite reached tier 1 event status yet, it's definitely on the upswing, attracting a growing number of participants year after year. This type of event serves as further proof that we need to remain agile and dynamic with Amazon Advertising to make the most of these opportunities.

Amir Elam, Head of Sales & Marie-Lise Creignou, Associate Director - Head of Advertising

Spring sales update