Amazon's New Potential Sales Uplift Feature

Amazon has just introduced a new feature within the ‘Listing Quality Dashboard’. The new ‘Potential Sales Uplift’ feature can help sellers easily identify where their product listings are missing key attributes or content, and highlights how sellers can improve such listings. The feature goes on to deduce the potential sales uplift sellers could expect if they implement the proposed changes to listings.

You can find the feature through: Amazon Seller Central > Inventory > Manage My Inventory > Listing Quality Dashboard > Potential Sales Uplift

This new feature can be really valuable for sellers, by easily highlighting missed opportunities whilst simultaneously highlighting quick fixes to improve product pages.

Moreover, the Potential Sales Uplift feature allows sellers to test different variations of their product listing and compare the predicted impact of each variation. This can help sellers make data-driven decisions about how to optimise their product listings to increase sales.

Other benefits include:

  • A better understanding of which changes are likely to have the biggest impact on sales

  • The ability to quickly test and compare different listing variations

  • Improved visibility into customer behaviour and preferences

  • Increased sales and revenue potential

Please note that Potential Sales Lift is not a prediction of future sales. Amazon uses data based on customer behaviour, historical sales, and other factors to predict how changes to a listing, such as updated images or a revised product description, might affect sales. Therefore, you still need to use an element of caution when using this tool to make changes to your listings.

This feature is new and is not yet rolled out across all sellers. We’ll be sharing more updates as we learn more about the feature and are able to test it on our own clients.

At Tambo, we understand the importance of having optimised and attractive content on your Amazon product display pages. It is essential to improve conversion and help customers easily find your products. We also understand the challenges of optimising content on Amazon and are here to help you. If you would like anymore information please contact our content team here.

Beth Fisher, Content Executive

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