Amazon Vine Programme Announcement

Amazon recently made an announcement regarding the Amazon Vine program and its benefits for Amazon FBA sellers.
From 17:00 (BST) on 5th June to 01:00 (BST) on 22nd July 2023, Amazon is allowing FBA sellers to enrol two units in Amazon Vine for free.

However, sellers will still see the enrolment fee of £140, but they will only be charged this fee if they enrol three or more units per parent ASIN and receive the first review within 90 days.

Now, let's discuss what the Amazon Vine program is

Amazon Vine is a program that invites the most trusted reviewers on Amazon, known as Vine Voices, to post their opinions about new products. The purpose is to help other customers make informed purchase decisions.

When sellers participate in Vine, they provide free units of their products to a selected group of Vine Voices, who then post customer reviews for the submitted products. This helps build awareness of the product, boosts the sales of slow and cold start ASINs, and assists customers in making informed decisions about new products.

To be eligible to participate in Vine, certain prerequisites must be met:

  1. You must be a Professional Selling Partner.

  2. You must be identified as a brand owner.

  3. You must have eligible FBA offers.

  4. You must be an authorised brand representative in the Amazon Brand Registry for the item you want to enrol.

Once the enrolment is complete, Vine Voices have the opportunity to request the enroled products to review. After the first Vine review is published, sellers are charged a £140 enrollment fee once per parent ASIN. If the enroled product does not receive any reviews within 90 days of enrolment, no fee is charged.

For the enroled items to be eligible, they must meet specific criteria, including:

  1. They must be of a brand that you are authorised to represent in the Amazon Brand Registry.

  2. They should have fewer than 30 reviews on the product detail page.

  3. They must have a buyable FBA offer in "New" condition.

  4. They should not be adult products, digital products, or heavy and bulky items.

  5. They must have already been launched at the time of enrolment.

  6. They must have available inventory.

  7. They must have an image and a description.

There are also some general restrictions that exclude products from participating in Vine, such as products that require bundling multiple items for delivery or review, or products that require reviewers to separately order another product to conduct a review.

In summary, Amazon Vine is a program that allows trusted reviewers, known as Vine Voices, to provide opinions on new products. Sellers can enrol their products in Vine to receive customer reviews and benefit from increased product awareness and sales. However, there are eligibility requirements and an enrolment fee for certain scenarios.

Amir Elam, Associate Director