Amazon: Image sets now viewable in search

A new feature has arrived on Amazon; image sets are now viewable in the search results meaning that customers can view the full image set in the search page without having to click onto the product listing.

This is a welcomed update for us Amazon-focussed folk as imagery plays a key role in brand building, the customer experience and conversion for our clients.

Below, we breakdown how this will impact your business on Amazon.

Improving the customer experience

High-quality product imagery is critical to success on Amazon as it makes up a large part of how your brand is represented and is the primary form of interaction customers have with your business on the platform.

If your business has a range of high-quality, on-brand product images, it’s more likely that consumers will consider and purchase your product. This is because product images capture customers’ attention, create interest and therefore increase the likelihood of conversion.

The new feature provides Amazon customers with an even better, quicker and more convenient shopping experience. When customers are able to view the set of images in one simple step -without the added action of a click and a new page- they are able to receive the product information through the imagery in an efficient and timely manner.

Research cited in Marketing Charts shows that more than 6 in 10 (63%) consumers in key e-commerce markets start their online shopping searches on Amazon, topping the percentage of those who start their purchase journeys on search engines, highlighting the importance of such updates to search results listings.

Tambo’s top tips for content that converts

  1. Every detail page in the Amazon store requires at least one product image, and we recommend you list six images and one video. Your images should be clear, informative, attractive and on-brand. This way, customers are more likely to consider your product.

  2. The first image on the product detail page is what is known as the main image; it is the first image customers will see in the search results. We recommend that the main image show only the product on sale against a white background, with the product filling the image frame. Additional images should reflect what we call lifestyle imagery showing the product in use from different angles, and with the different features.

  3. Educate the customer on the product

  4. All imagery must be high-resolution and premium

  5. Include a variety of informative content e.g. Pack shots, lifestyle and aspirational imagery, range shots, brand story, mission, values, etc.

  6. Make sure there’s consistency across all SKUs

  7. Optimise for both desktop and mobile

  8. Up-sell/cross-sell using images and modules to your advantage

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