Amazon Enhances Promotions Dashboards

Amazon has introduced enhanced features to deals and promotions dashboards, assisting sellers in boosting conversions and assisting consumers in discovering more relevant deals.

Amazon is introducing enhanced target audiences for personalised brand promotions.

The following three new audiences have been included in brand-tailored promotions:

  • At Risk: Customers who haven’t purchased recently nor frequently, with varied spending. At-risk customers can be engaged through discounts, promotions, and other incentives.
  • Promising: Customers who purchase recently, buy occasionally, and spend above average. To convert them into loyal customers, encourage purchases through marketing engagement.
  • Top-tier: These are customers who purchased recently and spent the most. Most of these customers buy frequently.

Brand Tailored Promotions are an exciting tool for Amazon sellers to help transform their marketing approach and capture the attention of potential customers. Personalised email marketing and exclusive offers not only boost sales but also build lasting customer relationships that drive organic growth.
Amazon US is introducing a "Reorder Coupons" feature to the coupon dashboard.
They've just rolled out a game-changing update to the coupon dashboard! Now, sellers have even more ways to engage and delight customers with three distinct types of coupons: Standard, Subscribe & Save, and Reorder Coupon.

Standard Coupons: Enhance the visibility of your product and draw in new customers by using standard coupons that shoppers can effortlessly apply during checkout.

Subscribe & Save Coupons: Nurture customer loyalty by providing exclusive discounts on Subscribe & Save transactions. Stimulate repeat business and forge lasting connections with your valued customers.

Reorder Coupons: Maintain the momentum! Acknowledge your devoted customers by providing special discounts when they return for additional purchases. It's an excellent method to express gratitude and ensure their continued loyalty.

These new coupon types open up a world of possibilities for Brands to tailor their promotional strategy and enhance the shopping experience for their customers. We expect the same features will be launched in the UK and EU very soon.

In conclusion, we see how Amazon is shifting its focus more towards its consumers, helping them discover more relevant deals and promotions. This time, it helps Amazon sellers or the brands as well, as this will create more efficient targeting due to increased conversion.

Amir Elam, Head of Sales

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