Amazon B2B Strategy

B2B e-commerce is growing at over twice the rate of its B2C counterpart and business buying teams now rank shipping speed, availability and price as the most important factors when choosing a supplier. It's for these reasons that Amazon Business has become a driver for this growth.

Amazon Business gives procurement professionals the selection, convenience, and value that they have become used to on Amazon’s core B2C marketplace. They also offer buyers unique features like ex VAT prices, business exclusive listings / promotions and the ability to request discounts for bulk purchases.Typically, Sellers and Vendors have used the same sales strategy for both B2C and B2B audiences, however this is an outdated approach.

A bespoke Amazon B2B strategy is needed to utilise the tools Amazon Business provides. For example:

  • Optimising catalogue assortment for bulk buy purchasers
  • Utilising Amazon data to create shopper profiles to better understand and target B2B audiences
  • Setting business prices / quantity discounts whilst ensuring profitability
  • Utilising Retargeting, Demographic, In-market and Lifestyle audience targeting
  • Ensuring content is enriched with key search terms like ‘bulk’ or multi pack’
  • Adding graphics to images and A+ content to communicate economies of scale

Only after considering the strategies above will sellers and vendors optimise their visibility and conversion with purchasing departments and B2B audiences.

Freddie Smith, Associate Director

Newsletter 18th Dec22 4