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Tambo Compass.

Tambo’s technology suite enables you to make strategic decisions on your amazon business whilst managing the day-to-day account more effectively.

We have been using this technology over many years to deliver growth for our managed service clients. This has enabled us to test, learn and refine before launching it to the open market. The technology is proven to deliver results. Built by Amazon experts with time spent on category leaders.

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Built by marketplace experts and designed for Brands, Private Equity companies and Private Label sellers alike, our proprietary technology, Category Compass, is a dynamic map of your category.

It delivers historical data that maps any category and details the size, dynamics, trends, growth, key players and market share across all major Amazon marketplaces around the world.

Even if there are millions of ASIN’s and hundreds of thousands of brands in your category, we can aggregate and visualise all this information. A category can be as broad as Grocery in the US or as small as Stationary in Italy. You decide the niche, we provide the analysis.

We can show you brand performance in real time or over time versus your competitor set or the whole market. This way, you always stay close to your position in the market and see what your competitors are doing to drive growth.

You define the category, subcategories and countries you want to analyse, and we provide the data beautifully presented in our custom interface. Additionally, our Marketplace experts will review the data and provide insights and recommendations on how to grow your business.

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Category Compass

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Amazon’s Brand Analytics tool only gives you a view of performance over a short window of time. What’s more, it is neither customisable nor user friendly and it does not overlay advertising performance.

Our tool gives you a much greater range of historical data which allows us to look at trends over time. We do this whilst also building easy-to-understand custom visuals and dashboards.

Finally, we overlay advertising performance with stock, buy box and glance view trends so you can understand the relationship between operational and account health metrics with advertising, all in one.

Currently only available for amazon vendor accounts

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Brand Compass


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