For every product you list on Amazon, there are over 500 data fields to optimise. If you have hundreds of products in your catalogue, it's like having hundreds of micro-businesses to manage that are constantly changing. By working with Tambo, you have access to the technology and expertise to manage the Amazon Marketplace at scale in order to accelerate your sales growth.

The Tambo Services Platform records, audits, analyses and optimises every one of these data fields. Read on to see what the platform enables us to do.

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1. Auditor

Our auditing tool reads your product listings, and those of your competitors, and records all the information, ready for analysis. This automated process allows us to conduct the audit at scale and at speed across all Amazon domains around the world..

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2. Analyser

We use our analytical tool in every part of the Service Wheel to uncover insights, spot trends and measure performance. Our analytics tool reviews thousands of data points in your product catalogue and assesses the performance against key competitors, category norms and Best In Class (BIC) in the Amazon Marketplace.

3. Recommendation Engine

Because we have undertaken this process many times and across many categories, we are able to automatically generate recommendations based on known impact on results. This data is then used by our Marketplace experts to generate your Performance Report.

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4. Service Layer

Our Marketplace experts are on hand to provide your business with the support it needs to implement the changes required to drive performance. This could even mean taking control of some, or all, of your product catalogue to ensure the results are delivered - with minimum disruption to your business.

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5. Optimiser

Our technology allows us to have a live view of your Amazon catalogue. This ensures we are alerted immediately if content changes, there are new reviews and questions, items go out of stock, ranking change, sales fall or you lose the Buy Box. We can then react quickly to ensure that your product catalogue is always on and fully optimised.

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6. Performance Dashboard

We have developed a Tambo Performance Dashboard to give you a comprehensive view of your Amazon performance across sales, marketing and operations against your defined KPIs.

the TAMBO Algorithm

At the core of the Tambo Services Platform is our algorithm. The algorithm generates a performance score for your brand, which assesses the cumulative impact of your product data on your sale performance.