Treasure Trucks, Football and Fashion

An Amazon Treasure Trucks is coming to a town near you


Yesterday, I received an email from Amazon announcing a deal on their Treasure Truck. An 18oz dry cured steak for £12.99. Inspired by the offer and intrigued by the concept, I headed down to Harlequins Rugby stadium where the truck would be parked between 12.30-1.30pm. And there it was in all its glory, a circus-themed truck & trailer. I picked up my steak, took part in a fairground challenge to win some free stuff (kids were delighted) and headed back to the office.

The Treasure Truck is a new way to shop with Amazon. When I asked the truck crew, they said their aim is to get out and meet customers, help vendors sell stuff and build a positive image of the Amazon brand. I imagine also they are testing the appeal of Amazon stores in certain cities. The truck travels around the UK stopping at five venues a day. Every day there is a different deal and they will sell anything. They even considered grand pianos!

I got the impression they've had missed success so far,  some things have sold out quickly others have received little interest. If you price the deal right,  it would be a great way to build awareness of new products (and your brand) in specific areas. 

Amazon gets into football - but why?


It was announced yesterday that Amazon has won the rights to show premier league matches, giving subscribers to Prime access to 20 games per season. It secured one of two remaining domestic packages for three years from the 2019/2020 season. 

Amazon has done this for two reasons. They want to grow their media business, and to do that they need to grow beyond performance media and compete with Google and Facebook for a share of brand budgets. Secondly, with the expected hike in the subscription fee for Amazon Prime this summer, they need to give members more reasons to stay. 

Amazon Echo Look Fashion Camera launches in the US


Amazon has launched for general sale in the US, the Amazon Echo Look Camera which analyses your clothing style and makes fashionable recommendations through machine learning. The Echo Look features a camera that can snap a shot or video of your current outfit with hands-free commands. You can add your favourite wardrobe collections to the Echo Look app and organise those items using the Collections section. Daily Look lets you take a quick photo of whatever you are wearing each day for easy reference later on.

But the device’s marquee feature is Style Check, which will review photos of two different outfits to provide “a second opinion on which looks best on you.” Amazon says it does this through machine learning algorithms — but also human fashion experts. The process takes around a minute, and the Echo Look evaluates “fit, color, styling and current trends.” When the result comes back, it includes an explanation as to why one outfit won out over the other.

It's been a tough start, but Amazon is determined to make their fashion business a success by providing a superior online shopping experience, extending the vendor range and launching fast fashion own label brands.

That's all from us this week. If you want to discuss any of these topics in more detail, please drop me an email or give me a call.