Prime Day razzmatazz, Professional Beauty Store and A+ revamp

Amazon Prime Day announced


This week Amazon announced the dates of its Prime Day event. The two-day parade of non-stop deals will kick off on July 15th and run for 48 hours. This will be Amazon's 5th Prime Day and it is expected again to surpass the achievements of previous events. This year Amazon Music are getting in on the act. They are hosting a Prime Day concert headlined by Taylor Swift in New York and Rita Ora in London. Ask your Alexa about it to get the playlist or stream Taylor's new single exclusively via Amazon Music.

Away from the razzmatazz, Prime Day is a great opportunity for sellers to acquire new customers due to the increased traffic to the platform and the higher spend customers. Those brands that are best prepared for Prime Day will prosper.
Hopefully, by now you will have ensured that you have enough stock on hand, booked in your deals and discounts and made sure your listings are set up to grab shoppers' attention. Whilst it's probably too late to implement these actions, there are still some things that can be done.

Because there are so many deals vying for shoppers’ attention on Amazon, brands should consider how to also get the word out through other channels. This is where brands who’ve built a large social media following or email list are able to get a big leg-up over competitors. Our advice is that brands should start teasing deals before the event with current customers or fans of the products. By investing in building momentum you will get fast sales at the start of Prime Day which will boost visibility in Amazon search results, hence making it more likely that products will be seen and bought by new-to-brand customers.

How you are set up to manage the event itself will also influence your success. Your Amazon team needs to be on hand to ensure that your advertising sells the products on promotion and you react to products that are getting traction. You need to monitor your stock levels to ensure you have no outages and you also need to monitor the site to ensure any deals are running as they should.

All Tambo clients will benefit from this service for the full 48 hours as we flex our team between London and Sydney.

Amazon unveils beauty store for professionals


This week, Amazon Business announced the launch of the Amazon Professional Beauty Store to offer professional stylists and barbers a convenient custom shopping experience with great selection. Brands sold through the store will include Wella Color Charm, RUSK and OPI Professional, among others, and the store will also feature beauty supplies typically found in salons and spas. In order to shop the professional-use selection, customers must provide proof of their profession, such as a cosmetology, barber or esthetician licence. Shoppers can upload their licence to a free Amazon Business account to prove their eligibility to shop for the items.
Amazon is positioning itself as a one-stop shop for beauty supplies that professionals would otherwise have to go to multiple stores to purchase. This is because many retail stores are owned by major brands and thus have few competing products, with no price comparison. Amazon Business can address these stylist pain-points with its large number of selling partners and fast, convenient delivery directly to their business.

Whilst, the professional beauty store is targeted at beauty professionals, the store will appeal to prosumers of beauty who are looking for stock replenishment of products they have been introduced to in the salon. This will strike fear into salon owners who profit from the sale of these products. So whilst Amazon are positioning this as a benefit to beauty professionals, it also is a threat to very people they are targeting.

A+ Content improvements


Amazon have redesigned their A+ Detail Pages and renamed it A+ Content Manager across both Vendor and Seller Central. Previously they were referred to as Enhanced Branded Content (EBC) on Seller Central.

The new features are as follows:

1. Improved ASIN management – While you have always been able to search for ASINs, group them, and apply them to your A+ projects, in the past it was difficult to manage all of your applied ASINs. The new A+ Content Manager provides a redesigned ASIN Management experience that enables you to easily sort, filter, and manage the ASINs you have applied to each piece of content.

2. Duplicate content – While you were previously able to create a master template and content variations within an A+ project, it could be confusing to manage the different variations, especially when making changes to the master template, and you weren’t able to copy A+ projects as templates for unrelated ASINs. The new A+ Content Manager simplifies the experience, enabling you to duplicate and use A+ content for different groups of ASINs and manage your A+ variations and applied ASINs individually.

3. Create language variations - Previously, A+ only supported one language per country. Now, the new A+ Content Manager enables you to support all shopper languages in each country, such as English and Spanish in US, English and French in Canada. When you click to create language variations for your content, the A+ Content Manager shows you all the supported languages in the country and creates a draft with your content and applied ASINs for each language you choose.

These A+ enhancements standardize the content management process between Seller and Vendor Central and give both communities new functionality which simplifies the process of creating content on Amazon.