Amazon weekly update | Prime Day, private label, popular Alexa searches and Amazon Business potential

Amazon Prime Day will be on 16th July - are you ready?


The Amazon Prime Day ldate has leaked and it is later than expected. The Prime Day sale will start at midday on Monday 16th July and last for 30 hours, so you still have some time to get ready for the biggest event in the Amazon calendar. It's too late to sign up for Prime Day deals, but you can still use Amazon's other merchandising and marketing tools to take advantage of the increased traffic to the platform. To coincide with a national advertising campaign, It's likely that Amazon will start releasing deals a week ahead. So start marketing early to stretch out the sales period, but keep a close eye on stock. If you run out of stock, not only will you lose sales but you will lose authority on the platform. 

The private label threat


It is well reported that Amazon is expanding its private label business through a multi-tier strategy targeting consumers with emails and advertising on brand pages. Recent articles have revealed their strategy and the competitive advantage they have. Amazon holds the customer data and shares very little of it. With 70% of consumers using generic search terms on Amazon, they know what items are popular. They then look at the competitors in a category, what's selling and what its priced at. They then figure out how to manufacture it cheaper, using their buying power as leverage. This strategy is bearing fruit and consequently, Amazon' s own catalogue is getting broader and deeper. 

With this increased threat, it's never been more important to invest in your brand and ensure it is well presented on Amazon. Those businesses that build brand loyalty and react quickly to private label strategies will continue to flourish. 

Amazon Business reaches 100,000 customers and plans EU expansion


Amazon Business is a marketplace for B2B products which provides procurement and payment services that make it easy for businesses to transact. Now a year old, and with over a 100,000 businesses including hospitals, universities and a raft of FTSE 100 companies, it is planning to expand into Europe across Italy and Spain,

Amazon Business is often a neglected marketplace for brands, but for those manufacturers that provide office supplies (even food and beverages), it can be a worthwhile channel. Amazon Business customers can access the full Amazon catalogue, so if you are offering items in bulk at competitive prices you can gain extra revenue.

‘Alexa, how do I boil an egg?’


How to boil an egg was the third most popular use of smart speakers, according to a recent survey. The phrase was pipped to the top spot by playing music or the radio and listening to news and weather. Other popular uses were, listening to travel updates (16%), playing audiobooks or podcasts (8%), and making purchases (7%). So for all the sophistication of the smart speaker, people are still using it for basic functions.