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Amazon Prime Day Reminders


It’s almost Amazon Prime Day, and to make sure you don’t forget, Amazon is providing giant, visual reminders around the world.

New York, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, and Milan will all see 25-foot Amazon packages arrive within the next two weeks ahead of 2018’s Prime Day. The “Unboxing Prime Day” events — the boxes are expected to come with “unforgettable” surprises, Amazon said in an announcement — will also be live-streamed. You can check out the live streams at

Prime Day itself and the deals that come with it are scheduled to start on the 16th of July, 3pm ET and will last through July 17th,  making it the longest Amazon Prime Day to date. 

Amazon to launch Toys R Us style catalogue


Amazon is eyeing up its next step into physical retail — and it will come in the shape of a toy brochure.

Amazon is planning to publish a Christmas toy catalogue to capitalize on the demise of Toys R Us and entice children into selecting the online retailer's gifts for the holiday season.

The printed guide will be mailed to millions of US households and handed out at locations of Whole Foods Market. The move could fill the vacuum left by the Toys R Us "Big Book," a bible of more than 100 pages of toys and gadgets marketed at children. The move is part of Amazon’s push to incorporate traditional retailers’ tools into its business model. It even looked at acquiring some Toys R Us locations earlier this year, according to people close to Amazon.

Amazon buys startup pharmacy for just under US$1bn


Amazon has bought Pillpack, an online pharmacy that makes it simpler for any customer to take the right medicine at the right time. Pillpack is not yet available outside of the US, but with its PharmacyOS platform and the international accreditation the business has acquired, it is likely to expand globally on the Amazon platform. Aside from Pillpack being a visionary business with a bright future, the integration of the business into Amazon will further integrate the brand into our daily lives.

Amazon adds six new Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) modules


Amazon has provided more functionality for brands to improve their product pages on Amazon with the addition of 6 modules in their EBC templates. Sellers will now be able to add a comparison chart, a clickable cross-sell module and more image options. This might seem like a small development, but it does signify Amazon's desire to improve brand experience and provide more capability for sellers to stand out in the marketplace and sell across their catalogue. Sellers now have better tools available to present their brand than vendors.

Amazon expands their ad platform



Amazon is making brazen new moves into self-serve programmatic advertising. They are planning to spend the next year aggressively expanding their infrastructure with the aim of getting more brands to purchase ad space on its websites (such as IMDb) as well as through its ad platform. To accomplish these goals, it will work with ad-tech companies, digital agencies, and media companies to build platforms that make buying Amazon ads as easy as filling up an online shopping cart. According to eMarketer’s data, Amazon’s share of the advertising market will increase to 4.5 percent from 2.7 percent this year.

Amazon is more ingrained or plugged into what consumers buy than any other platform. Their advantage lies in the fact that they don’t need to close the loop from each ad sale by reading uncertain attribution data about when a person saw an online ad and when that led to an actual purchase. Amazon is the full loop. To capitalise on their data position, they are testing new retargeting ad tools that will recommend products based on consumers’ purchase or search histories. Such ads will appear on several different sites visited by consumers, effectively targeting and following them around and linking them back to Amazon if they click.

Amazon is in a privileged position because it sits at the intersection of media and retail, which is hugely exciting for advertisers because it has the ability to entirely collapse the funnel and deliver on total attribution.