Prime Day, A new Amazon ad tool and two ways Echo is changing consumer behaviour

Prime Day


Prime Day is fast approaching. Are you ready? It's rumored to be taking place on July 10th for 30 hours. Sales grew by 60% last year, and with more people on the platform around the globe, it will be even bigger again this year.

With increased traffic to Amazon due to Prime Day deals, it would be a major missed opportunity not to be advertising your brand, some products, and lightning deals during Amazon's peak. If you have the right strategy, Prime Day is a great opportunity to kickstart growth, reach new audiences, build loyalty and sell distressed inventory. But remember the 31st May deadline is looming for Lightning Deal submissions

New Amazon Ad tool


Amazon is testing a new display ad format that will provide Marketplace merchants with the capability to extend the reach of their product listing across the web and into mobile apps. The merchant will only pay for the placement if the ad is clicked on. This new innovation comes as Amazon slowed its ad buying on Google. Many observers think that this more than just a coincidence, they believe Amazon is now asking merchants to pay for traffic that Amazon was previously generating for them via Google.

The company is inviting select merchants to test the new ads later this month, according to people with knowledge of the plans. 

Amazon echo drives Digital Radio growth


The popularity of Amazon’s Echo smart speakers has helped push the audience for digital radio past that of FM and AM in the UK for the first time. The milestone, which was reached in the first quarter of this year, could prompt the government to launch a review to evaluate whether it should switch off the FM signal. Digital, which covers listening via DAB sets in homes and cars, televisions and through services such as Echo, hit a record share of 50.9% of all radio listening in the three months to March. Amazon’s smart speakers, powered by the virtual assistant Alexa, have helped reinvent the medium for a new, tech-savvy generation, many of whom have failed to embrace traditional radio listening.

'Alexa. What is my blood sugar level'


Amazon is reported to have set up a health and wellness division and is seeking to make the virtual assistant healthcare compliant. Having the right compliance and legislative structures in place would allow Alexa to tap into the rising market for healthcare-focused apps. Amazon is rumored to be targeting areas such as diabetes management, care for mothers, infants and aging. Fast forward a few years and Alexa could be used for the sharing of medical data, providing medical advice and even connecting patients and professionals