Amazon family promotion, Pet Profiles and Born to Run scheme

Amazon family promotion


Every product detail page I've visited in the last few weeks has contained a banner, just below the product information, promoting Amazon family. It is a clever piece of CRM.  The widget entices you in with family offers and asks you for details about your family: how many children do you have? If you don't give them all the information first time round it appears again: how old are your kids? And again: when is their birthday? I found myself answering all the questions just to get rid of the widget and see a normal product detail page again. Now they have my data I regularly get emails from Amazon promoting Amazon family. And it is a good deal. You get access to exclusive offers and age-based recommendations. If your kids are under 3 you'll get 20% off nappies and baby food subscriptions. This week I received offers on children's music, a selection of recommended books and discounts on essential household items.

Amazon is supplementing its wealth of personal and purchase data with life stage information. It won't be long before they will know what you are going to buy before you do.

Amazon launches Pet Profiles in the UK.


If you visit any pet food page this week you'll see a banner at the top of the page enticing you to create a pet profile for your dog, cat and even your tortoise!

Once you have clicked, Amazon asks you to fill in details about your pet (e.g. name, breed, age, weight, favourite brands). You can even upload your own photo. In return, Amazon gives you your own page with recommendations of pet product suitable for your animal.

Much is made of the importance of keyword optimisation for search relevance, but few are talking about the importance of it in the context of Amazon's CRM programme. With services like Amazon family, Amazon student and now Amazon pet profile, only the brands with optimised pages will be seen on Amazon, whilst the rest are hidden within the marketplace. If you are not specific about your product and who it is targeted at you will miss out on significant traffic.  In the case of Amazon Pet profile, if your brand's product pages don't explain the age appropriateness, weight and size of your pet then any shoppers using the pet profile tool won't see your products.

If you are concerned that you are one of these brands, get in touch and we can help you out.

Amazon's Born to Run scheme


We recently received an email for one of our managed service vendors regarding Amazon's new Born to Run programme. The programme has also been referred to by the less inspiring name, 'Launch to Buy'.

Born to Run, is a programme designed to kick-start sales on your new Amazon products leveraging Amazon Advertising. It has been introduced to avoid the frustration of vendors waiting for months to receive a purchase order for new products, particularly if the product has high potential or is a seasonal buy. It also removes the uncertainty of not knowing when a product will go on sale, which has made it difficult to forecast stock.

The email from Amazon suggests some products, but you are free to submit additional products that might benefit from the Born to Run programme. However, there are some minimum requirements:

the product must not have been in stock in an Amazon Fulfilment Center for the last 30 days and the unit cost for Amazon should be at least £10.

To enrol products you are sent to a form and tell Amazon how many units you think you will sell in 10 weeks. In exchange, you agree to invest 10% of the Purchase Order value in Amazon Advertising over 10 weeks. 

All submissions will be reviewed and approved within 5 working days. You will then need to set up the Amazon Advertising campaign to start driving traffic to the page.

Born to Run will boost sales for many vendors. If you want to find out more, please get in touch.