Find beauty launch, Brexit guidance, Freedive AVOD and add-on items

Find fashion extends into beauty


Amazon's private label business has moved into beauty with the UK launch of a collection of colour cosmetics under its in-house fashion brand Find. Available exclusively at Amazon Beauty, the Find beauty collection spans four categories: eyes, face, lips and nails. To ensure the range delivers profitable sales, Find beauty does not sell individual products. Instead, it all comes in small bundles of two or three complementary items. Furthermore, selected bundles are included in Amazon’s Subscribe & Save programme, giving you access to additional savings on repeat orders. Whether they’re selling you the matching lip liner for your lipstick, or a blusher that complements your bronzer, Amazon Find is attempting to take the hassle out of building a cohesive makeup bag. And with prices ranging from £5.23 for a lip set to just £12.40 for a bronzer and blusher duo, they are extremely competitive.

Amazon delivers Brexit advice


British businesses trading on Amazon have been advised to prepare for a no-deal Brexit to ensure they can continue selling to customers in the EU. Amazon has informed sellers that the government said that the "free circulation of goods" between the UK and EU would stop in the event of a no-deal withdrawal. They have advised UK sellers to send their stock to European warehouses by March 17th. To plan for no deal, Amazon has told sellers to "be prepared that any units in a UK fulfillment centre might not be fulfilled cross-border to EU customers." They have requested that retailers should maintain the standard recommended minimum of four weeks of inventory coverage at all times. Included within the email was a copy of the UK government's partnership pack, advising how firms should prepare for a no-deal scenario.

Freedive to launch


Amazon is launching a free ad-supported VOD (AVOD) service called Freedive via its digital movie platform IMDB. Available in the US initially, the service will stream TV shows and full-length movies with ads on Fire TV devices (set-tops, sticks, smart TVs) and the IMDb website, as well as a forthcoming mobile app. Amazon is likely to license the vast majority of content from traditional studios and networks. So far, the site lists about 130 movies and 29 TV shows, from suppliers like CBS, NBC Universal Television, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Bros. With Freedive content, IMDB is expanding its identity to become less a utility and more an entertainment destination, converting casual visitors into intentional viewers, driving up time spent, and accelerating ad growth.

By integrating a free service (Freedive) into its devices, Amazon will continuously monetize its hardware long after the original unit sale. Amazon can rapidly accelerate and scale ad revenue from AVOD, particularly if they continue to gain market share in connected-TV hardware compared with key rivals Roku and Apple. Last week, Amazon Fire TV eclipsed Roku as the biggest streaming media device in US households, with an active user base of 30 million, versus Roku's 27 million it reported last week at CES. 


Add-on items 


Eagle-eyed shoppers in the US have spotted that Amazon has started to experiment with minimum order quantities for add-on items. The hope is that this might lead to a rejuvenation in the sale of lower value items on the platform, thus swelling the grocery items for sale. The test was spotted on the Quaker Oats cereal page. Shoppers that make a 'one-time purchase' are only offered 2-10 items and the '2' selection is highlighted as a 'minimum order quantity'.