Beauty, toys, Black Friday extension, 360 spin images and Amazon Day

Amazon 2018 Beauty Advent Calendar


Amazon has launched it's 2018 Beauty Advent Calendar for sale on Priced at £40, the calendar is crammed full of 24 products and deluxe samples including John Frieda, Elemis, Pai, Bourjois, Rimmel and many more. You get 15 full sized products with a value of approx £175. You can buy the products in the calendar instantly by scanning the Amazon SmileCodes included in the accompanying leaflet.

We felt this is a really clever initiative from Amazon which builds their credibility in beauty and their association with leading beauty brands. Furthermore, it gets product samples in the hands of customers that they can buy instantly via their mobile.

That said, there have been quite a few negative reviews about the range, quality and value of the products included, so they have more work to do to win the approval of the customer.

Amazon launches 360-degree spin images


Amazon have just added 360-degree image capability for vendors on their platform. Although 360 spin images are more expensive than standard photography, the potential return on investment can be huge. 360 spin images allow an online shopper to virtually interact with an item. Multiple images are taken of the item from all sides and are pieced together in a way that offers a full 360-degree view of the product when the shopper interacts with the image on their screen. This gives consumers control of the product, taking away one of the barriers to online shopping. They can pick it up as if they are in store, turn it around and look at what is important to them. This gives the shopper more confidence that the product will meet their requirements and consequently they are more likely to buy it there and then.

New Amazon toy catalogue


Amazon continues to find new ways to encourage customers to shop with them in the lead up to Christmas. In the US this year, they are going to mail out a Christmas toy catalogue to millions of customers. The catalogue will have a distinctly retro look evoking memories of the old Toys "R" Us catalogues that made the now-defunct toy retailer so successful. Some of the featured toys come with a QR code, allowing readers to instantly scan and shop for more products. Readers can also scan the product images in the catalogue with their Amazon App to get more information and add them to their shopping cart. The catalogues will also be available to pick up in Amazon Bookstores and 4-star locations.

Amazon Black Friday extension


This year, the Black Friday event will be available for 10 days, starting from November 16th, giving shoppers more time to contemplate and buy offers. Amazon will be scheduling deals throughout the 10-day focus, with the biggest savings still coming on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you're a Prime member, you can also get access to deals before anyone else, with an exclusive 30-minute sneak peek of any lightning deals hitting the Amazon website.

It's not surprising Amazon has decided to extend the period. They will hope this extension will increase average revenue per shopper and bring in new customers.

Amazon Day


Amazon Day launched in the US this week. The new feature, which is currently being tested for select Prime users, offers up a choice of delivery days during the check out process. In addition to the standard options (one and two days, et al), most two-day delivery items will also come with the option to tick the day of the week you want them to show up at your front door. 

It's surprising that Amazon has not offered this service before, given their technological prowess. But now it's here we will enjoy the convenience of selecting a time for delivery of our Amazon boxes.