Amazon for teens, delivery robots, new to brand data and Amazon Shipping

Amazon Teens


Amazon has launched a "Teens" programme which gives 13 to 17-year-olds the ability to set up their own profiles on the site. Parents can set up the option to approve or deny every purchase, or simply set up a spending limit. After they've placed an order, parents will get either a text or email and can type the letter "Y" to approve the purchase. The new access for Teens means they can enjoy Prime Shipping, stream thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video, and get in-game rewards with Twitch Prime at no additional cost. At the moment the service is only available on

Meet Scout


Amazon has revealed its new six-wheeled delivery drone called "Scout" which it claims started delivering packages in Snohomish County, Washington, this week. The devices are about the size of a small cooler and roll along sidewalks at a walking pace. Scout is designed to safely get packages to customers using autonomous delivery devices, although it isn't clear how autonomous the device is, and whether that autonomy amounts to more than a programmed path for it to drive along. Amazon is conducting similar trials in locations around the world, with more protected environments such as universities and industrial estates providing a valuable environment for pre-programmed or self-directing delivery vehicles.

New-to-brand data


Amazon is trying to prove to marketers that it can not only sell their products but attract new customers to buying their products. This week, Amazon added a new set of metrics for marketers to gauge how effective their ads were at attracting new customers. These “new-to-brand” metrics break out how many purchases of a brand’s products on Amazon were from people who had not purchased anything from that brand on Amazon within the past 12 months. It also includes how much it cost to acquire those new customers. The data will be available for its search advertising (sponsored brand, video and display ads) across Amazon's marketplace and Amazon owned-and-operated properties. The reports include campaign performance metrics such as purchases and sales, purchase rate, and cost per customer.

This will help Amazon broaden a brand's perceptions of its ad platform, especially at a time when traditional brand advertisers like Procter & Gamble are looking to search and social advertising as brand-building tools and want to find new ways to find incremental customers

Amazon Shipping


Amazon is embarking on an expansion of its shipping services with a programme to pick up from companies that sell on its site. They are considering offering the service to other businesses as well. The new programme goes a step further than Amazon's current FBA and MCF programme as it includes pick-up from the vendor. It has started in London and expects to launch soon in Los Angeles. As Amazon's network expands, it has led to increased questioning about how well longstanding shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS - which count Amazon as a customer - will compete.

Amazon shipping is just one of many investments to reduce cost and shorten delivery times, Their recent announcement to start making two-hour grocery deliveries from Wholefood stores to Prime customers in some cities, indicates they are getting closer to their ambition.