Tambo Round-up | All the Amazon news that grabbed our attention in 2018


Some of you are new, some of you have been with us from the beginning, but I'm sure none of you have had time to read every article. So we thought we would finish the year with a round-up of all the news we've released.

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Tambo Weekly News Stories 2018

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High-Street expansion (9) Amazon Go comes to London, Amazon Stores to open in US Airports, Cashier-less tech tested in bigger stores, Black Friday pop up store, Amazon's fashion pop up store in London, Amazon 4-Star store, Good Housekeeping pop up store powered by Amazon, Amazon Wholefoods discounts for Prime Members, Prime day moves into grocery with Wholefoods

New advertising features (9), AMS targeting features, Search based retargeting, New Sponsored product targeting, Amazon experimenting with new video ad format, New headline search ads, New attribution pixel, Amazon Advertising rebrand, Amazon expands their programmatic platform, Amazon Display ad format

New e-commerce features (15) 360 spin images, Audio enhanced product listing, Watch & shop, Video pages on mobile, A9 algorithm update, Amazon wish lists, Amazon Day, Amazon creates virtual showrooms for car buyers, Amazon adds 6 new EBC modules, Snapchat integrates with Amazon, Prime sample expands,Amazon customer ratings, Increased usage of Amazon Choice, Amazon parcel tracker, Auto-replenishment for consumer electricals

Alexa & other tech (15) Alexa adds email features, Alexa embedded in headphones, Echo smart doorbells and cameras, Ads on Fire, Echo  upgrade, Amazon Firestick 4k, Free video service for Fire TV users, Alexa moves into in-car entertainment space, Amazon Echo drives digital radio growth, Alexa ' What is my blood sugar level', Cortona and Echo make friends, Alexa ' How do I boil an egg?', Alexa everywhere, Amazon Echo Look fashion camera, Amazon to launch a device for streaming live TV

New products & services (18) Amazon the toymaker, Amazon launches a subscription box service, AI-Powered Self-Drive Car, New home device- a robot?, Look inside Amazon's toy catalogue, The Beauty advent calendar.Amazon Custom launches in the UK, Try before you buy fashion service, Amazon Prime Business beedfed up, Amazon Exclusives, Amazon Business reaches 100,000 customers, The Amazon wedding shop launches in the UK, Amazon Home Services launches in the UK, Amazon Wardrobe, Amazon Scout, Amazon Storefront, Amazon Treasure Truck in UK, Amazon Prime Student launched

Announcements (12) Alibaba Singles Day. Cyber Monday the biggest Amazon sales day ever, Black Friday has landed, Black Friday extension, Frustrating Free packaging deadline, Black Friday deadline looming, Black Friday submissions open, Prime Day announcement, Amazon Prime Day announced - 16th July, Amazon kicks off sports broadcasting with Queens, Amazon gets into football - but why?, Amazon seller gross sales

General News(23) Amazon Germany antitrust probe, Alexa Co-marketing ad campaigns, Amazon Q4 growth slowdown, More UK Jobs across three cities, Marketplace apps powering sales, Amazon Deliveroo?, Amazon business growth, Full-size Christmas trees on sale, Amazon becomes a $1 Trillion Dollar Business, Amazon US open coverage Grand Slammed, Amazon recognised as most respected retailer, Amazon bids for empty Homebase stores, Amazon rumoured to be setting up an insurance comparison site, US Open on Prime, Amazon Prime velocity, Amazon goes after Youtube, Amazon Cinemas?, Prime Day achieves record growth, Amazon buys startup pharmacy, Waitrose, Morrison's - who next?, Amazon starts to scan customers' bodies, Amazon partners with high-end house builder, Amazon Prime Label Brand List

Tambo Comment (7), Pay to play with Amazon advertising, Oreo Music Box, E-commerce friendly products - Tide, Amazon own brand on competitor pages, Ad stuffing, Most people are not using Alexa to buy products, The Private Label threat